Beach Glass Jewelery (NEW)!

The beach glass jewelry come in nine charm designs as seen in the pictures below. The colour and size of beach glass varies due to the nature of the glass. Only genuine, unaltered  beach glass,  hand picked from the shores of Canada, are used in our necklaces. Please refer to the catalogue for codes when ordering. All charms are nickel free, and chains are 18 inch stainless steel.

.starfish-necklace-for-cat shell-trio-necklace--for-cat sea-turtle-necklace-for-cat lighthouse-necklace-for-cat tree-of-life-necklace-for-cat dragonfly-necklace-for-cat celtic-seahorse-necklace-for-cat celtic-knot-necklace-for-cat butterfly-neclace-for-cat


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